Weaverville Basin Trail System

Weaverville Basin Trail
This photo is from the Weaverville Basin Trail system brochure which is available thru the Weaverville Basin Trail Committee, PO Box 1450, Weaverville, CA 96093 (916)623-6004

Elevation:approx. 2,400' - 4,000'

Who to contact for more information:

Weaverville Basin Trail Committee (see above)


Weaverville, Ca. which is on Hwy.299 at the junction of Hwy. 3 in far N. California


Weaverville Basin Trail System Map. This map is from the Weaverville Basin Trail System Brochure mentioned above. The map in the brochure is on one large page.



This is a different type of trails than we normally have here on this website. It's a trail system within the Weaverville area instead of trails in the Wilderness or Natl. Forests. Although at least one of the trails does go off into the Trinity Alps Wilderness. This information was supplied to us by a generous user of this website and the information I've posted here is from the brochure which this person sent to me.

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