Sugar Lake Trail Head

Sugar Lake rocks by Sugar Lake


Ranger District to contact for more information:

Scott River (Ft. Jones)


Sugar Lake TH is up French Creek Rd. out of Scott Valley

Directions to Sugar Lake Trailhead from Etna/Scott Valley:

Follow Hwy. 3 going South out of Etna. Take French Creek Rd. (left) and follow it all the way up the mountain to where it ends at a T. Turn Right at the T (FS 40N22)and follow it a short ways to where it ends at a T at FS 41N14. Turn Left and take FS 41N14 for about 1 1/2 miles. There is no TH sign at this TH. Watch for a wide spot on the Left side of the road which was used as a log landing. This is the TH. There is another road going to the right here which you can use to turn rigs around. If you get to the bridge over the creek you have gone one bend too farů back up. (small rigs can turn around at bridge but easier to back with trailers.) The trail is a very short distance up the road and to the right. The trail has a sign on a tree.

Road Conditions:

French Creek Rd. is paved most of the way and turns to dirt as you near the top. The rest of the road is dirt. Usually in good condition in recent years, although narrow in places.


Forest Service Russian Wilderness Map. One "mile square" to the right of R.6 W. (bottom of map) and just above T 40 N(side of map).

Open by:

Sugar Lake TH is usually open by early June.

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