Shackleford Trail Head

Campbell Lake



On Forest Service road 43N21 about 6 miles from Quartz Valley Rd.

Directions to Quartz Valley Rd/FS road 43N21: Turn Right onto Scott River Road after going thru Ft. Jones. About 7 miles down this road, look for the old red schoolhouse to the left. Signs on Scott River Road will indicate Quartz Valley. Turn left here and follow the road about 4 miles to the Shackelford Trailhead Road, where you will turn right. The road itself is marked Forest Service road number 43N21, and also is well marked for Shackleford TH. The TH is another 6 miles or so up the dirt road.

Road Conditions:

This is a well maintained dirt road, but can be very dusty because of the amount of traffic it gets. Drive slowly and watch for on-coming traffic.


Forest Service Klamath Natl. Forest Map or Forest Service Marble Mountain Wilderness map. One mile square to left of R.10.W. (top of map) and T.43.N. (side of map).

Open by:

Shackleford is usually open by early June.

Trail Head Ammenities:


This is the second most used trail head in the Marble Mountains by both stock users and hikers. Campbell Lake is one of the most heavily used lakes in the Marble Mountain Wilderness.

Commercial packers also use this trail-head. Be sure to keep the loading chute clear at all times.

Please keep all you animals in one corral if there are others needing corral space.

Since this is a very heavily used trail head, please park with others in mind. And leave the hitching rails open and available for others to use.

If the stock parking area is full, you can park alongside the road.

Trails out of TH:

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