Mule Bridge Trail Head

Also known as Finley Camp to the old timers around here



At the end of the Idylwild Camp Ground Road (FS Road 40N47)

Directions to Idylwild Camp Ground: From Etna (Hwy. 3) take Main Street thru town and towards the mountains. Main Street turns into Sawyer's Bar Road. Follow it up and over Etna Summit (where it crosses the PCT) and down the other side. Go down other side carefully! In low gear! and turn Right at Idlewild Camp Ground onto FS Road 40N47. Follow it past the campground and past the cabins, to the end.

Road Conditions:

The road is paved and good road all the way to Idylwild Camp Ground, but after reaching Etna Summit it is a very steep grade down the other side. Do NOT use your brakes any more than you need to! Vehicles pulling trailers have lost their brakes on this decent! But if you stay in a very low gear, and go down slowly, it is fine. Once you reach Idylwild Camp Ground the road is gravelled and a good road all the way to the Trail Head.


Forest Service Klamath Natl. Forest Map or Forest Service Marble Mountain Wilderness map. Half way between R.11.W. and R.10.W. (top of map) and half way between T.41.N. and T.40.N. (side of map).

Open by:

Mule Bridge is usually open by April, BUT Etna summit may still have a lot of snow at that time, and may not be safe for trailer travel until it is melted off if it has stormed recently.

Trail Head Ammenities:


This is a fairly popular trail head, so please keep your stock in one corral together if there are others needing to use corrals.

The trail out of this trail head is a beautiful trail that follows the gorgeous crystal clear N. Fork of the Salmon River for miles. It's basically a flat trail with no mountains to climb all the way to Abbot's old cabin site. About half way to the old Abbot's cabin site, Right Hand Fork trail cuts off. That is another beautiful trail along a gorgeous crystal clear river also.

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