Kelsey Creek Trail Head



About 20 miles west of Fort Jones, which is on Hwy. 3, west of Yreka.

Directions to Kelsey Creek turn-off: Take Scott River Road, out of Fort Jones, for about 20 miles. The turn off is about 5 miles past the Indian Scotty/Lover's Camp TH turnoff. Immediately after crossing large bridge over Scott River turn left onto the short trail head road. (Bridge Flat Camp Ground is on the other side of Scott River Road, just past the TH turn off.) Stay to the right when the road forks, and go up past a couple of cabins. The Trail Head is not far past the 2 cabins.

Road Conditions:

Not very far off (1/2 mile) the main paved Scott River Road.


Forest Service Marble Mountain Wilderness Map. First mile square to left of R.11.W. (top of map) and one mile square below T.44.N. (side of map)

Open by:

Kelsey Creek is usually open early June.

Trail Head Ammenities:


Logging deck is a right hand turn after crossing bridge which is on the FS road after turning off Scott River Road. Then ride 1/4 mile to the actual trail head.

Trails out of Kelsey Creek TH:

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