Elk Valley Trail Head (Siskiyou Wilderness)


Ranger District to contact for more information:

Ukonom (Orleans)


At the top of the ridge above Orleans (Hwy. 92)

Directions to Orleans: Orleans is on Hwy. 96 (Klamath River Hwy.) South of Happy Camp and North of Hoopa.

Directions to Elk Valley Trail Head: At the South end of Orleans, not far past the Orleans Motel, take the nice paved FS road 15N01. Follow this nice wide paved road for about 30 miles up the mountain almost to it's end. (the road suddenly ends about 1/2 mile after the turn off to Elk Valley). The turn off is often totally un-marked because the road signs are removed by locals, so you have to watch the map closely to find the right turn off. This turn-off does not have a FS road # on my map. I strongly suggest having a copy of the FS Natl. Forest map with you and watch the road numbers closely.

Road Conditions:

Paved almost all the way except for the last 1 1/2 miles. The last section of dirt road is not always in the best of condition, and has a few narrow turns, so drive very carefully.


Forest Service Siskiyou Wilderness Map inset. On the Forest Service Klamath Natl. Forest map, this trail head is found one "mile square" to the right of R.4 E. (top of map) and one "mile square" below T.14 N. (side of map) Elk Valley trail head is actually just over the boundary, in Six Rivers Natl. Forest.

The Forest Service did used to make a Siskiyou Wilderness Map, but because it was so rarely requested, they no longer make them or offer them. (I actually got the very last one that they had, and they do not expect to be making any more I'm sorry to say.)

Open by:

Elk Valley trail head is usually open by ____.

Trail Head Ammenities:


Siskiyou Wilderness is the least used Wilderness in the lower 48 states. Because of this, the trails do not receive much maintenance - so, bring a saw to clear logs out of your way at times.

This is a spiritual area for the local indians, and they do use this area quite often for spiritual rituals. If you see any of them, DO NOT approach them or talk to them. I can attest to their spiritual powers, and they do not wish to be approached or spoken to. Please respect this.

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