Dead Fall Lakes Trail Head

Upper Dead Fall Lake above Lower Dead Fall Lake

Elevation:+/- 6,200'


At the top of the ridge on old Hwy. 99/Steward Springs Rd. out of Weed

Directions to Weed: Heading North on I-5, go past Mount Shasta about 5-10 miles. Weed is the next town after Mt. Shasta.

Directions to TH from Weed: After the last Weed exit, I-5 goes down a long grade. At the bottom of the grade, take the off-ramp towards Gazelle. After going under the over-pass, make a left onto Stewart Springs Road. Follow Stewart Springs road/FS Road 17 up to the ridge, about 12 miles. The TH is at the ridge. The PCT also crosses the road at this location.

Road Conditions:

Good paved road all the way to trail head


Klamath Natl. Forest Map: R.6 W. (top of map) and two mile squares above T.40 N. (side of map).

Open by:

Depending on winter snow levels, this TH is usually open between early to late June.

Trail Head Ammenities:

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