Castle Crags/PCT Trail Head

Castle Crags Headin down the crags

Elevation:+/- 2,000'


On Interstate 5, just North of Castella and Castle Crags State Park and a few miles South of Dunsmuir.

Directions to Castle Crags Trailhead: Take I-5 North just a short ways past Castella and Castle Crags State Park entrance. Watch for Pacific Crest Trail sign on freeway. The parking area is right next to the South bound off-ramp. You then go thru the gate and turn to the left to find the trail.

Road Conditions:

Freeway access.


Shasta Trinity Natl. Forest 1997 Map. R. 4 W. (L) (top of map) and one square above T. 38 N. (4) (side of map).

Open by:

Castle Crags/PCT trailhead is usually open by early spring.

Trail Head Ammenities:


The trail up thru the crags is a beautiful trail, and a steep climb (5,000' climb).
There are usually a couple of creeks with water in them in the late summer and fall, but most of the creeks are dry late in the year.
Stock is NOT ALLOWED in the Castle Crags camp grounds, or on the trails leading to it.

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