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Callahan/Cecilville Road, between Callahan and Cecilville.

Directions to Callahan from I-5 heading North: Take I-5 north of Weed. At bottom of grade after Weed, take the first exit (Exit 751) toward Edgewood/Gazelle. Follow old 99S to Gazelle (about 7 miles). At Gazelle, turn left onto Gazelle-Callahan Rd. Follow it over the mountain and it will turn into Hwy. 3 at the bottom of the other side (about 25 miles). Continue on to Callahan (about 1 1/2 miles). Go thru the one block long Callahan to the bridge...

Directions to Callahan from I-5 heading South: Take the Hwy. 3 Fort Jones/Etna exit at the south end of Yreka. Follow Hwy. 3 over Forest Mountain and into Scott Valley. Stay on it thru Fort Jones and around Etna (if you miss the sharp left hand turn before getting into Etna, just turn left on Main Street and it will take you back to Hwy. 3). Continue on Hwy. 3 till just before Callahan where you will turn left onto the Callahan-Cecilville Road at the bridge.

Directions to Carter Meadows from Callahan: At the N. end of Callahan, at the bridge, turn onto the Callahan-Cecilville Road at the bridge. Follow that road up to the summit (where you will cross the PCT) and not very far down the other side (about 1/2 mile) turn left onto the Carter Meadow dirt road.

Road Conditions:

Good all the way. Wide, 2 way paved road all the way from Callahan to the Carter Meadows turn off. Good dirt road thru the 5 mile Carter Meadow loop road. Most of the trail heads within Carter Meadows are right on the main Carter Meadow road, except for the Fish Lake Trail Head and the PCT summit Trail Head.


Forest Service Trinity Alps Wilderness Map East Half side of map. One mile square left of R.9W. (top of map) T.39N. (side of map).

Open by:

Carter Meadows is usually open by late June.

Trail Head Ammenities:


Carter Meadows is a highly used area on holiday week-ends, but actually fairly lightly used at most other times. It is an area that is 5 miles long with 5 seperate trail heads within it, plus the summit PCT trail head on it's eastern edge. This is a great area for trail head camping with gorgeous trails to ride and discover in virtually every direction.

Trails out of Carter Meadows: (see each of these trail head sections)

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