Carter Meadows Summit Trail Head



At Carter Meadows Summit on the Callahan-Cecilville Road where the PCT crosses.

Directions to Carter Meadows Summit. Follow these directions just up to the summit, where you will see a sign saying that the PCT crosses the road. The TH is right on the summit, on the south side of the road.

Road Conditions:

Paved all the way.


Forest Service Trinity Alps Wilderness Map. One "mile square" left of R.9W. (top of map) and one mile square below T.39N. (side of map).

Open by:

Carter Meadows Summit TH is usually open by late June.

Trail Head Ammenities:


This is a good re-supply spot for PCT travelers. 1/4 mile past the summit and trail head is the best place to park with trailers.

Trails out of Carter Meadows Summit TH:

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